Closed for Business: H&R Block, 754 Grand Street

It wasn’t particularly unusual for the nine-to-five storefront to be closed at 8:30AM on a Monday morning. But when I looked a bit closer at the H&R Block at 754 Grand Street (between Humboldt Street and Graham Avenue), I noticed the sign on the door clinging to its last spout of life by one solitary corner. After I spoke with a representative at the H&R corporate headquarters, it became apparent that the closed tax service center would not be reopening for the coming April’s refund season.

The woman did not know when the Grand Street location closed, though I do recall it being open until at least the end of this summer. There is still much equipment inside (computers, keyboards, boxes of sorts), but I can only presume it’ll all be gone and the store empty soon enough. With the recent addition of Radioshack to the block, curiosity arises, calling to question if the new lease will be signed by another large corporation or, if we’re lucky, a fresh Mom-and-Pop to breath more new life in the expanding business district.

The rumor on the street is that it will become a security shop that sells safes. The potential owner has started a website reviewing gun safes, and feels that he may have the expertise to get into a brick and mortar business. Only time will tell!

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